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‘Wrecked’ is a Brilliant ‘Lost’ Parody

Wrecked would be funny all on its own. But as a parody of the hit sci-fi series Lost, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Wrecked opens inside an airplane full of comical characters. Each character is a cartoon version of the stereotypical people we meet in our day to day lives. Some of the activity is also stereotypical of airplane travel, like too-hot spaghetti getting dumped on you by the schlub in the next seat. First of all, the beginning of the series is a lot like Airplane!. We get snippets of dialogue from the main players (“Google Glass? More like Google ass.”) Suddenly, the plane goes into a nosedive and all hell breaks loose.

After the crash landing, the real Lost parody begins. There’s a good-looking leader, an Asian woman with asthma, a gentleman of Arabic origin, a man who can’t walk, and a laundry list of other characters.

Wrecked Survivors

(L-R) Jessica Lowe as Florence; Zach Cregger as Owen; Brian Sacca as Danny; Ally Maki as Jess; Asif Ali as Pack; and Will Greenberg as Todd.

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Cast and Characters

The archetypal characters cover a wide spectrum of personalities. One of the lead characters is an average Joe, with no discernible talents; he decides to reinvent himself as a cop. A woman who works for Bing (see the Google quote above) is the Wrecked version of John Locke, bringing down beasts with her bare hands. There’s a bickering couple, a spoiled young woman, and a slacker flight attendant. Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords) is reason enough to watch Wrecked. I won’t tell you what happens to him, but his version of making lemonade out of lemons is genius.

The cast is filled with unknowns, or near-unknowns. As a result, Wrecked seem like a hidden gem.


TBS is successfully filling a niche with its roster of satirical comedy. Their Angie Tribeca is complete buffoonery that puts one in mind of The Naked Gun. In addition, Wrecked is quickly becoming a heavy hitter on their slate of spoof comedies. Wrecked has already been given a second season order because it’s first season ratings are so stellar.

“A year ago we began reinventing TBS, and thanks to the incredible talent behind these shows, we’ve come a long way in a very short amount of time,” said Brett Weitz, executive vice president of original programming for TBS, in a press release. “Pulling the trigger on renewals early allows us to build on our success by giving fans new seasons more quickly.”

Wrecked uses story constructs from Lost, like the ghost of Jack’s father following him around, as well as simple sight gags. Also, gross-out humor abounds. And why wouldn’t it? With a plane crash as the setting, there’s a lot of opportunity for jokes about corpses, puking, gushing blood and bodily functions. For instance, people die in horrific, but hilarious, ways on Wrecked.

Wrecked seems like it’s filmed through one of Instagram’s brightest filters. The colors are nearly garish, and the sunlight is white hot. The visual style lends to the heightened reality that’s required for satire, while dull tones just wouldn’t make the carnage on the beach seem as funny.

Brooke Dillman as Karen

Brooke Dillman as Karen and Will Greenburg as Todd


Wrecked could get old very quickly. The entire premise is that being stranded on an island with strangers is hell, a la Samuel Beckett. I’ve only watched two episodes, so I can’t say whether or not the show can continue to mine comedy out of this premise.

Wrecked could also get boring if it follows the Lost storyline too closely. Surprises will be hard to come by if it hits all the Lost milestones, like the Others and the smoke monster. On the other hand, watching Wrecked rip up the confusing, disappointing finale to Lost would be well worth my time.

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  1. Lauta

    The end of Lost was not disappointing. Maybe you failed to put it all together to understand it. My advice. Watch Lost again. You won’t regret it.

    • Hm. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I understood it completely. It just left me feeling like 1) I had been tricked and 2) It didn’t explain a lot that had happened for six seasons.

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