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Top 10 Funny ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Scenes

Just because he’s the god of thunder, doesn’t mean he can’t be crack a joke. To see a funny Thor, rather than a brooding Thor, usually means Loki or his avenging friends are somewhere close by.

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Thor: The Dark World premiered to mixed reviews by critics and fans alike. In one week, the film earned over $100 million domestically. If Thor: The Dark World cracks the top twenty grosses of 2013, there will be three Marvel movies in that bracket by year’s end, with The Wolverine and Iron Man 3, which, so far, is the top-grossing movie this year.

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Some of the reviews of Thor: The Dark World have criticized the movie for having a scattered plot that was hard to follow. I disagree, in that there was only one plot and it was terribly easy to follow. Too easy. A “B” storyline would have been much appreciated. Another problem, inherent to the main character of Thor, is that it is difficult to relate to the main character, or believe he is truly in peril. All true, though this sequel created a big and bad enough threat to help alleviate that problem.

This publicity photo released by Walt Disney Studios and Marvel shows Tom Hiddleston, left, and Chris Hemsworth in a scene from "Thor: The Dark World." (AP Photo/Walt Disney Studios/Marvel) ORG XMIT: NYET729

Tom Hiddleston, left, and Chris Hemsworth in a scene from “Thor: The Dark World.” (AP Photo/Walt Disney Studios/Marvel) ORG XMIT: NYET729

The movie should have been titled Loki, because Tom Hiddleston runs away with it. Dark characters are frequently more interesting than good guys, which is the case in Thor: The Dark World. That’s not to say Chris Hemsworth doesn’t do his brooding best, but the story turns on Loki’s back story and future intentions.

Thor: The Dark World was a better movie than Thor, simply because both Marvel and Hemsworth had a better understanding of the Asgardian god. Plus, he could be a god, rather than a rebellious youngster with no powers.

Within the costume drama, however, were comedic moments that lightened the mood. I treasured those funny Thor scenes, which were like shiny treasures glowing from the bottom of a dark and murky sea–rare but glorious to find. Here are my top 10 funniest moments in Thor: The Dark World.

Top 10 Funniest Scenes in Thor: The Dark World

10. When Jane Foster returns to Earth with Thor in tow, returns home where Darcy is waiting, Darcy says something like, “Did you just come from a costume party?” The line is a rather easy joke, but I love when the regal strangeness of Thor is juxtaposed against the normalcy of humans.

9. When Jane, Darcy and the Intern are investigating strange readings, a child shows them how he can lift a truck, thanks to gravity going wonky. Darcy (it’s so often Darcy) says, “That’s not normal.” Again, the joke is easy, but these light moments that express exactly what the audience is thinking brings the audience into the film.

8. When Malekith is terrorizing Greenwich, Darcy and the Intern get caught by a gang of Dark Elves. In a feat of heroism, and luck, the Intern flips a car onto the Dark Elves (thanks to weak gravity), saving Darcy. When Jane Foster comes upon them, Darcy has the Intern in a dip, kissing him. Again, the funny scene lets the audience say, “Whew!” before moving on. I mean, c’mon! The world is in peril! We need levity!

7. When the Dark Elves overrun the prison and an all-out brawl is happening, Loki sits in his cell, quietly paging through a book. Loki is the brightest star in this film, not only because the character is mischievous and unrestrained, especially compared to Thor, but also because Tom Hiddleston is obviously having so much fun.

6. When the children at the deserted factory show Jane and her team the spot where objects can drop and disappear into another world, then reappear back into ours, the Intern excitedly drops the car keys into the chasm–only to lose them. Darcy, ever the funny sidekick, is there to clarify the situation for us.

Thor Jane Foster Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure

Thor Jane Foster Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure

5. After Thor releases Loki from prison, they meet up with Jane, who immediately slaps Loki in the face “for New York.” Loki waits a beat then grins and says, “I like her.” Ah, Loki.

4. At one point during the boss battle, Thor is dropped from Earth, sent through other realms, and lands back on Earth, but a few tube stops away from Greenwich. While he’s riding the train, it halts abruptly, sending a comely lass into his armored chest. Thor grins. (Waggling eyebrows would have been too much, but that’s the idea.) Again, I love it when the God of Thunder is set against a backdrop of humans. Funny Thor!

3. Jane’s other team member, Eric Selvig, has gone missing after his run-in with Loki during Avengers. He shows up on the TV news, running around Stonehenge in his birthday suit. Leave it to a Norseman to go streaking over ancient ground.

2. Just before Loki meets Jane, but just after Thor releases him from prison, Loki shows Thor a revolving group of his friends who Loki could use as a disguise, topping off the show with Captain America. How fun it was to see Chris Evans strolling through Asgard!

1. ? My son suggested that rather than providing all 10 funniest moments, I should leave the #1 spot to you, gentle readers.

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Thanks for reading! Which Thor: The Dark World scene is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. More points to consider.

    1. Idris Elba out-acts everyone in the film.
    2. Got a Dark Elf on your tail? Just spin the dial on my mom’s old satellite turner and poof! They’re gone.
    3. Zachary Levi was the best addition to a cast ever. (Sorry, Josh Dallas, I didn’t miss you.)

  2. laura

    When the dark elves are chasing ian and Darcy, right before the flipped car scene and right before the big frost dog pops out, one of the frost elves slips and falls and they didn’t edit it out. For some reason, noticing that had me laughing harder than anything else.

  3. Shania

    The funniest moment is definately the part where Loki uses his illusions to turn him and Thor into diff people like Thor into a girl and Loki into capt America it was really funny on the big screen

  4. Mark

    The scene Thor hung his hammer on the rack was the funniest ever.

  5. Jason

    Yes those mentioned already were funny moments! One of my most favourite is when Thor and Jane are walking through the cave on the Dark World and Thor asks why is there so many shoes. And Jane finds the car keys only to lead them back to the Volvo with smashed windows and Thor jumping in the passenger seat. When they get back to the apartment Thor hangs his hammer up on the clothes hanger begind the door and the professor hugs Jane with no pants on. All funny moments within seconds of each other made for one of the lightest parts of the film. I was actually surprised how funny the film was. I do enjoy these comic moments in Marvel films.

  6. Zanna

    I love the part when Loki turns himself into Captain America and makes fun of him. That’s so hilarious!!! XD

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