The DC All Access crew picked the top 10 Flash scenes, meaning 10 of Barry Allen’s fastest, best-est moments from the comic books. The hosts of DC All Access are fun to watch. Put them together with a Speedster and you’ve got a recipe for quick and easy  entertainment.

Here are the top 10 fastest Flash moments from the DC comic books.

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Flash beats the clock to save his girlfriend in The Flash, Vol. 2 #133 (1998) when she’s in danger of aging backwards into nothingness.


The miracle on the Hudson in The Flash #3 (2011), when The Flash saves an airplane from crashing by vibrating it through a bridge in New York City.


In The Flash, Vol. 3 #2 (2010), Barry saves the tenants of an apartment building when it collapses. Then, he reads a bunch of architecture books and builds it back up.


Red Flash vs. Black Flash in The Flash, Vol. 2 #141 (1998). The Flash leads the Black Flash (death) on quite a chase, taking him to the end of time, where he ceases to exist.


In JLA #3 (1997), The Flash beats Zoom in a race, and even delivers a knock-out punch.


In The Flash, Vol. 2 #100 (1995), The Flash achieves Nirvana with the Speed Force, only to give it up for his girlfriend.


He beats Superman in a race over the ocean in The Flash: Rebirth #3 (2009)


Wally goes “full Flash” in The Flash, Vol. 2 #79 (1993), beating Zoom to save his family.


Barry Allen meets Jay Garrick in The Flash, Vol. 1 #123 (1961), when he vibrates so fast, he winds up on a different Earth. It’s the first time the multi-verse is introduced.


The Flash saves the universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 (1986) by sacrificing his own life.

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Top 10 The Flash Moments in Comic Books

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