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How Can I Stand to Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ Violence? Here’s How.

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  1. Wow! Well, I think there’s a third group yet. Those who can’t stand the violence in GOT, those who do, and those who got too much of it. In my case, I feel like overfeeded with it. Reason why I stopped watching the show. Not because the story is bad, not because it isn’t thrilling, but because I felt like eating pure sugar. And you know what happens when you eat just sugar, it’s too sweet. (I know, the comparison is not a good one, but I couldn’t come up with anything better). However, I admire those who keep on with the show. 😀

  2. While there’s a lot of violence, it’s the nudity that gets me….I know, I know, it’s all natural and nothing to be ashamed of, but still. Is it really necessarily in that amount? Lol Looking forward to another new season though. Quite the season opener last Sunday!

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