The Avengers was the Marvel movie that fans had been waiting for. The previous movies, that starred single superheroes, were just the appetizer to the main superhero meal. Marvel did not disappoint.  Avengers was a huge hit, bringing in a whopping $623 million.

The Avengers Assemble

The Avengers Assemble

In Avengers, Loki shows up on Earth and steals the Tesseract, an alien cube that gives unlimited power. Nick Fury and Black Widow, of S.H.I.E.L.D., bring in Dr. Banner to find the cube, and Steve Rogers to bring down Loki and rescue Hawkeye, who is under Loki’s spell. Iron Man and Thor appear in the midst of the fight. Fury works to bring them all together to form the Avengers, just in time for an epic battle with aliens.

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While the origin stories Marvel had been cranking were exciting, nothing topped the first time all the Avengers came together for the big battle of New York City. The Avengers also spotlighted a brilliant villain in Loki. Tom Hiddelston was shot to stardom and cult icon status after The Avengers.

Director Joss Whedon hit all the right notes with each superhero, keeping them true to their source material. He also gave each of them quality time without sacrificing the story. That is no small feat. In fact, that combination of character development and storytelling was what had critics swooning.

Critic Christopher Orr said, “Ultimately, it all comes back to Whedon: His clear vision for each character and how they might be profitably intermingled; his unexpected knack for action choreography; his funny, tender, immaculately constructed script.”

Critic Chris Vognar said, “Whedon knows how to be self-aware without getting overly cute about it. He has fun highlighting each character’s neurosis and knows which personalities clash to greatest effect.”

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