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Leon Protector of the Playground

‘Leon: Protector of the Playground’ by Jamar Nicholas

Leon: Protector of the Playground, by award-winning comic book creator Jamar Nicholas, is a love letter to childhood. But let me back up a little. In 2013, I attended Wildcat Comic Con in Williamsport, Pennsylvania as a guest. I was given a VIP pass, a booth in the vendors area, and an hour to talk about […]

Top 10 The Flash Comic Book

Top 10 Flash Moments in Comic Books

The DC All Access crew picked the top 10 Flash scenes, meaning 10 of Barry Allen’s fastest, best-est moments from the comic books. The hosts of DC All Access are fun to watch. Put them together with a Speedster and you’ve got a recipe for quick and easy  entertainment. Here are the top 10 fastest Flash […]

Green Lantern and Green Arrow / DC

Top 10 Greatest Green Arrow Moments

This list of top 10 Green Arrow moments from the comic books includes a storyline written by fanboy auteur Kevin Smith. DC All Access is a web series about hot happenings in the DC universe, whether it’s comics, TV shows or movies.They go all gooey, talkin’ ’bout Green Arrow — Ollie Queen to those who know […]