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Ideas for a Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Party

Throwing a spooky Harry Potter Halloween party is as easy as Divination class, even if you’re more Filch than Fleur.

Awin, the company that runs the Etsy affiliate program, is running a contest for Etsy affiliates. Media Medusa is an Etsy affiliate, so I thought it would be fun to jump in. (Disclaimer: If you make a purchase on Etsy using any of my affiliate links, Media Medusa makes a small commission.)

The only requirement is to create a blog post that includes links to Halloween stuff on Etsy. Pfft! I can do better than that! I went to Etsy and dug a little deeper. I kept an eye out not just for Halloween stuff, but for spooky Harry Potter Halloween stuff. I found enough to fill the Room of Requirement!

Here’s a recipe for brewing up a perfectly spooky Harry Potter Halloween party, from start to finish. (Psst! Everything in this blog post is on my Harry Potter Halloween Party Pinterest board.)

Harry Potter Halloween Party Ideas

Before the Party

The best parties begin before a single guest has placed their big toe on your doorstep. The right invitations set the mood, so the guests know what to expect.

These Marauder’s Map invitations by Mianne Market set the right tone.

Harry Potter Halloween Party Invitation

Mianne Market

These Hogwarts and House Crests Wax Seals by ManuScribe add a nice finishing touch, as well as (fake) authenticity to your invitations.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Wax Seals


When Guests Arrive

When a new student enrolls in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they’re sorted into houses during the Star-of-Term feast. Your guests will be delighted to be sorted too!

Before your guests can be sorted, they will need a wand. Stuff a bag or pouch full of Handmade Magic Wands by GracieBelleMagic.

Handmade Magic Wands


Then, have the guest reach in and pull out a wand. (Remember, the wand chooses the wizard.) They can cast spells throughout the night and take it with them as a party favor. (You could also post a list of spells for them to try, if they’ve forgotten their Charms lessons.)

Now it’s time to be sorted!

First, place the Crocheted Sorting Hat by Donna’s Craft Collage on your guest’s head.

Crocheted Sorting Hat

Donna’s Craft Collage

To find out which house your guest belongs in, have them take a Sorting Hat Quiz by Alohomora Paper Co.

Sorting Hat Quiz

Alohomora Paper Co.

(Alternatively, whip up a batch of Sorting Hat Cupcakes by Simply Potter.)

Once their house has been determined, hand them the appropriate Hogwarts House Ties by Lush Party Stuff.

Hogwarts House Ties

Lush Party Stuff

If your guest winds up in Slytherin house (oh no!), they can show their loyalty to the Dark Lord by wearing a Dark Mark Temporary Tattoo by River Rat Designs.

Dark Mark Temporary Tattoo

River Rat Designs

Let your newly sorted Hogwarts student show the world their look with a Harry Potter-themed photo booth. Set up a Have You Seen This Wizard? Photo Frame by Fiesta Supplies.

Have You Seen This Wizard Photo Frame

Fiesta Supplies

Use this Hogwarts Great Hall Backdrop by Alba Backgrounds. (Can I leave this up year-round?)

Hogwarts Great Hall Backdrop

Alba Backgrounds

Or hand them Harry Potter Photo Booth Props by Picadilly Party Co. Fun!

Harry Potter Photo Booth Props

Picadilly Party Co.

Make Hogwarts Your Home (or Vice Versa)

Now that your Harry Potter Halloween party guest has been sorted and appropriately attired, it’s time for them to enter Hogwarts your place.

There are as many ways to decorate your home as there are wrackspurts. Begin by pointing your guest in the right direction with these clever Wizarding World Street Signs by My Porch Prints.

Wizarding World Street Signs

My Porch Prints

A sophisticated Harry Potter Wreath by Jenell Can Craft makes your feelings about Muggles known.

Harry Potter Wreath

Jenell Can Craft

This Hogwarts Crest Wall Decal by Custom Vinyl DNA will imbue your new “student” with a sense of pride.

Hogwarts Crest Wall Decal

Custom Vinyl DNA

Pay homage to our favorite House Elf ever with a Free Dobby Sign by Crafts Ma’am. (R.I.P.)

Free Dobby Sign

Crafts Ma’am

Line your bookshelves with Hogwarts Textbooks by Kiko Ilustrador for an academic look.

Hogwarts Textbooks

Kiko Ilustrador

Although they might bang their head if they try to enter, a Fat Lady Poster by Shop Movie Props will give the illusion that the Gryffindor common room is close by.

Fat Lady Poster

Shop Movie Props

They can also pay their respects to the greatest Headmaster of all time by stopping by Dumbledore’s Portrait by Shop Movie Props.

Dumbledore Portrait

Shop Movie Props

You could pretend that the Chamber of Secrets is opened, or that Aragog’s descendants are scuttling about, by hanging Spider Garlands by Any Occasion Banners.

Spider Garlands

Any Occasion Banners

Hey, is that Ernie Prang? No, it’s his buddy, the Shrunken Head by Conk’s Cuties.

Shrunken Head

Conk’s Cuties

Perhaps you have Floating Candles by Smith Studio Creations hanging in your Great Hall.

Floating Candles

Smith Studio Creations

Wanna get really spooky? Display this Dementors Wall Decal by Custom Vinyl DNA.

Dementor Wall Decal

Custom Vinyl DNA.

Tell your party guests to raise their newly acquired wands and yell, “Expecto Patronum!”

The Feast

With no House Elves in sight (thanks, S.P.E.W.!), you’ll have to throw together your own Harry Potter Halloween party food. There are tons of recipes for Harry Potter food on the internet. (Check out my Pinterest board for loads of ideas.) There’s even an unofficial Harry Potter cookbook.

Although you can’t buy a feast on Etsy, you can buy some things that will add extra special touches to your spread.

Serve drinks in re-purposed bottles with these Harry Potter Potion Labels by Vulpes and Strix.

Harry Potter Potion Labels

Vulpes and Strix

Use the Skele-Gro bottle by Wizarding Boutique for a special cocktail. (Again, check out my Pinterest board for ideas.)

Skele-Gro Bottle

Wizarding Boutique

Your guests can sip their potions from these minimalist Harry Potter Party Cups by All About Glitz and Glam.

Harry Potter Party Cups

All About Glitz and Glam

Serve snacks in this cauldron by ElsBeth Lair. It’s food-safe!

Black Cauldron

ElsBeth Lair

You can also serve snacks in this Hogwarts Trunk by Whims and Snippets. (Or use it for the wand-choosing ceremony!)

Hogwarts Trunk

Whims and Snippets

Bake a batch of Harry Potter-themed cookies as a sweet treat. To please all of your Hogwarts students, use the Hogwarts Crest Cookie Cutter by Crimson Mane Creations.

Hogwarts Crest Cookie Cutter

Crimson Mane Creations

For those special students who are “in the know,” use the Deathly Hallows Cookie Cutter by Smiltroy.

Deathly Hallows Cookie Cutter


Remember those Slytherins I mentioned? (Posers.) They might enjoy a cookie made with a Dark Mark Cookie Cutter by Crimson Mane Creations.

Dark Mark Cookie Cutter

Crimson Mane Creations


Hogwarts students typically play wizard chess, or snap (with exploding cards, no less) or gobstones. You can set up Muggle versions of all of these games, or you could play these fun games from Etsy creators.

Get out a blindfold and play Pin the Scar on Harry Potter by OTG Designs.

Pin the Scar on Harry Potter

OTG Designs

(Watch out for Slytherins! They’ll stick you just for funsies.)

Get a group of students guests together to play Harry Potter Bingo by Cat’s Meow Designs.

Harry Potter Bingo

Cat’s Meow Designs


I’ve spent all this time talking about your guests, but what about you? Of course, you should be wearing something appropriate for hosting a Harry Potter Halloween party. No matter what your costume is, you’ll likely need a cloak by Ortu Lunae.

Black Cloak

Ortu Lunae

And because this is a spooky Harry Potter Halloween party, a Death Eather Mask by Allen Amis Creations wouldna go amiss.

Death Eater Mask

Allen Amis Creations

Party Favors

When it’s time for your guests to leave, don’t go all Filch on them. Send them home with fun Harry Potter Halloween party favors.

Keep your favor bags simple by using Hogwarts-Inspired Treat Labels by Elegant Occasions Shop on plain plastic or paper bags.

Treat Bag Toppers

Elegant Occasions Shop

Fill your goodie bags with Harry Potter-themed candy and little magical things. Here are some ideas.

For serious students, Hogwarts House Crest Buttons by Fetch My Button.

Hogwarts House Crest Buttons

Fetch My Button

For mischievous cool students, Marauders Buttons by Cassidy Noga.

Marauders Buttons

Cassidy Noga

For special students, Felix Felicis Potion Bottle Necklace by Wild Whimsical Nature.

Felix Felicis Potion Bottle Necklace

Wild Whimsical Nature

After the Party

According to etiquette rules, you are supposed to send someone a thank you card when you receive a gift, but you weren’t in their presence when you opened it. However, these Thank You Cards by Awkward Affections are so lovely, I would send them to everyone who came to my party, just for fun.

Harry Potter Thank You Cards

Awkward Affections

Now, aren’t you inspired to throw your own Harry Potter Halloween party? I know I am!

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