Purr-fect Black Panther Dinner Menu and Recipes

Black Panther dinner menu calls for recipes on the cutting-edge of cooking trends. This record-shattering Marvel movie deserves only the best. Media Medusa’s resident chef, Mariannette Calon-Munoz, is back with a Black Panther dinner menu that’s inspired by African recipes and gastronomy.

What is gastronomy? I had no idea. Mariannette explained that it can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you talk to. In this case, gastronomy refers to using food science to make a food that imitates another food. Mariannette chose to do this because Wakanda, the fictional country that’s at the heart of Black Panther, is the most technologically advanced country in the world. Using a recipe that’s got some science going on is meant to mimic the feel of a cutting-edge trend.

Black Panther Dinner Menu

West African Peanut Stew

The first thing we cooked was the stew. I say “we,” but my contribution was mostly my delightful conversation while Mariannette did all the chopping, cutting and cooking. As usual.

She started by mincing garlic and ginger. (Consider my olfactory system “woke.”)

Chopped garlic and ginger

Chopped garlic and ginger

Next, she cubed sweet potatoes.

Cubed sweet potatoes

Cubed sweet potatoes

And then the chicken.

Chicken chunks.

Chicken chunks.

She sautéed those ingredients, added the broth, and let it simmer while we made oysters and guava caviar.

Early stages of a stew.

Stew begins to, um, stew.

Oysters and Guava Caviar

At this point, Mariannette trusted me enough to let me cook up the guava and agar agar.

Guava nectar and measuring cup.

Guava nectar.

Agar agar is derived from seaweed and is used to thicken foods. It’s like a vegetarian gelatin. (If you can’t find it at your local grocery store, it is available on Amazon, which is where Mariannette bought it.)

Agar Agar Packet

Agar Agar

Cooking the agar agar and the guava nectar together gave the nectar a syrupy thickness we needed to make the caviar for the Black Panther dinner menu.

While the guava and agar agar were cooking, Mariannette added the rest of the ingredients for the stew.

Peanut Stew with Ingredients

The final stew.

Then came the gastronomy portion of our Black Panther dinner menu. Mariannette removed a glass of cold vegetable oil from the freezer (the fridge didn’t chill it quickly enough for us). Then, using a drinking straw, we dropped the thickened guava juice into the oil to make the caviar.  (See the video demonstration below, with Black Panther-themed music to get your prowl on.)

We started out dipping the straw, placing our fingers over the top (to create a vacuum), then releasing our fingers to drop the guava juice. It took forever! Our hands started to cramp! Then, Mariannette discovered that if you bent one end of the straw to a 90° angle, you could scoop up more of the nectar in one go. Then it was “bombs away” with a whole pay load of guava nectar. The second method was much more efficient and much quicker.

Making Guava Caviar

Better method for making guava caviar.

Then Mariannette drained the oil from the guava caviar using a colander. We do not recommend trying to rinse off the oil; the water nearly dissolved our hard-won caviar.

Draining the guava caviar.

Draining the guava caviar.

At this point, Mariannette’s husband grabbed a broad knife and shucked a handful of fresh oysters for us. And when I say fresh, I mean FRESH. We walked to the local seafood market and bought them just before we (she) started cooking.

Then Mariannette plopped a big spoonful of guava caviar onto each fresh oyster.

Oysters on the half-shell with guava caviar.

Oysters on the half-shell with guava caviar.

Our Black Panther dinner was delicious! Plus, this Black Panther dinner menu is very healthy, which makes it the purr-fect meal for Wakanda’s superhero.

Black Panther Dinner Recipes

The Black Panther dinner was healthy and delicious.

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Mariannette Calon-Munoz is a licensed Nurse Practitioner who works in a cardio thoracic unit. Cooking is her passion. Look for more themed food posts from Mariannette, a Media Medusa contributor.

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Black Panther Dinner Menu

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