Media Medusa books are compilations of our blog posts, as well as original material. Our books focus on the same pop culture content as our blog. Click on any one of the books to buy them on Amazon.

Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County: A Muggle’s Guide

Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County Book Cover

Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County Book Cover

A travel guide to hidden places in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that resemble the most important locations in the Harry Potter series of books. Buy it on Amazon.

Harry Potter In‑Depth: Beyond Butterbeer and Boggarts

A collection of the best Media Medusa blog posts concerning Harry Potter, such as the Crouch family tragedy. Buy it on Amazon.

Netflix Hacks and Secret Codes

Download Media Medusa's Netflix Guide, with hacks and secret codes.

Download Media Medusa’s Netflix Guide

A handy guide to making Netflix easier to use. Find out how to speed up your service, or manage your queue more effectively. Bonus material: Should you cut the cord? The pros and cons of cancelling your cable TV. Buy it on Amazon.