There’s nothing like being home in a comfy seat, with your favorite drink in one hand and a remote in the other. Or, maybe your idea of relaxation isn’t binge-watching, but reading a book in a cozy corner.

No matter how you picture yourself spending your well-earned me time, you will need the best tools for the job. You want a service that’s easy to use and has lots of options. And you want all the accessories to make the most of this valuable time.

I have recommendations for creating me time that’s no-stress, headache-free. Need help? Email me at and I’ll help you get answers.

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Watching TV and Movies

Streaming Service

Amazon Prime is the #1 service for just about everything in my life. I shop on Amazon for everything from electronics to clothing to food. But I also enjoy the crazy amount of TV shows and movies that are included with my membership. Amazon’s original programming has come a long way, too. (My favorite Amazon comedy is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. That girl has moxy!) The other thing I love about Amazon Prime is that I can add STARZ, HBO, Showtime and other channels to my membership. They also offer free trials. They make it easy to have all my TV and movies in one spot.

Thanks to our Echo Dot, I also have a virtual assistant. Alexa helps me stay organized, stay on task and get jobs done. Alexa also helps me buy movie tickets and find out what’s on TV. Alexa is connected to our Amazon Prime account, which makes buying things easier too. Learn more about using Alexa. Or, go to the Echo device section of Amazon to find out how to get one. (I love mine! We have three!)

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After we cut our cable, we got Hulu for broadcast network TV shows , like black-ishTimelessAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Bob’s Burgers. It’s $39.99 per month for our plan, but that’s still a LOT cheaper than paying for our cable.

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Best Buy has the best deals on electronics in our area. My husband buys a new TV every couple of years (yeah, I know) so we’re always looking for the best price. Not only does Best Buy have fantastic sales, they also have terrific service. Our Sony Smart TV lets us watch all our favorite services (Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube) without having to buy extra hardware.

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We stream Amazon Prime through our Roku box, which has a menu that’s so easy to use. In fact, we had a Roku box before we got a smart TV. It’s super cheap, but my favorite thing about a Roku is how the menu is so easy to use. It’s clean and simple. You can stream all kinds of services on a Roku box, like Amazon Prime, Netflix and HBO Now. If you have a TV that has a port in the back, you can use the Roku stick instead.

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Kindle Unlimited is the way to go if you’re a voracious reader like I am. I remember when the Kindle first came out. I saw a woman using one on the beach. The beach! And she could see the screen! I was astounded that the little device in her hand held dozens and dozens of books. Once I got one, I never looked at a real-life book ever again. Now I read Kindle books on my iPhone using the Kindle Unlimited plan. As soon as I finish a book, I queue another, for only $9.99 a month. AND there are thousands of Audible books included!

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Audible lets me listen to books everywhere I go. My mom bought me a membership as a Christmas present several years ago and it literally changed my life. Audible makes running errands, cleaning the house and gardening so much easier. I listen to books to keep my mind off how much I hate chores. I actually look forward to running errands! And when a book is too good to stop listening to, I even listen to it with earbuds in bed at night. Between Audible and Kindle Unlimited, I’m devouring books like a boss.

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What to Wear

ThinkGeek has more cool clothes and decor than any other online store. They have everything, including stuff you didn’t know you needed until you see it in their store. I bought a Harry Potter onesie in Gryffindor colors and it is the softestwarmest thing I own. I find myself curling up in it to watch just about everything. Did I mention how cozy it is? So cozy!

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Snacks and Drinks

I love love love the snacks and drinks I’ve discovered with Boxed. I can’t say enough good things about this service. They have popular snacks and drinks, but they also have snacks and drinks that I’ve never heard of, but they quickly became my new favorites. Boxed sells in bulk, like Costco or Sam’s Club, but they deliver right to your door. And, if you buy enough in one order (who doesn’t?) you get free shipping. On top of that, you can earn points toward freebies and discounts. They also send free samples! Huzzah!

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