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Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas for Geeks

Are you ready to take your pumpkin carving to the next level? These jack-o’-lantern ideas for geeks are sure to entertain every trick-or-treater who rings your doorbell. From Star Wars to Disney, there’s a jack-o’-lantern template for everyone.

I remember the first time I was blown away by a jack-o’-lantern design. It was the first annual Halloween issue of Martha Stewart Living. (This kind of sounds like a teenage boy describing the first time he saw a pin-up in Playboy, but I digress.) Her jack-o’-lanterns had intricate patterns that went way beyond triangular eyes and a jagged mouth. And she used all sorts of tools, like a Dremel and an electric drill. They were gorgeous, and nothing I could ever make on my own.

However, over the years I came to terms with my limited crafting ability. I stick with what I can do, but occasionally I still come up with a winner, like the one time I carved a Sorting Hat.

My lack of artistic ability doesn’t keep me from dreaming of lighting up my sidewalk with beautiful jack-o’-lanterns. I hunted down several amazing jack-o’-lantern ideas for geeks, just for fun.

Ideas for Geek Jack O'Lanterns

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Star Wars

The Death Star, R2-D2 and porgs are perfect for making Star Wars jack-o’-lanterns.

Death Star Jack-O'-Lantern

Nick Dickover at Fantasy Pumpkins has a great tutorial for carving your own Death Star. Be sure to build in a fail-safe that will allow someone, perhaps a talented young pilot, to blow this thing and go home.

R2-D2 Jack-O'-Lantern

Fantasy Pumpkins has lots of other Star Wars patterns, including an R2-D2 jack-o’-lantern, created by Patrick Buechner of The Derringdos.

Porg Jack-O'-Lantern

If carving ain’t your thang, you should try your hand at painting a jack-o’-lantern. This porg jack’o’-lantern from Star Wars: Episode VIII, created by Amy at As the Bunny Hops, looks absolutely adorable.


I imagine people have been carving Disney jack-o’-lanterns for decades. It’s only since the internet was born (thank you, Al Gore) that we’ve been able to download patterns or gawk at masterpieces of Cinderella, Maleficent and good ol’ Mickey Mouse.

The official Disney website has a jack-o’-lantern template for just about every character you can think of. Here are examples from three different styles.

Mary Poppins Jack-O'-Lantern

Ah, Mary Poppins, how I love her. I was lucky enough to meet her at Disney World. Here’s a marvelous silhouette of a Mary Poppins jack-o’-lantern. Carving a silhouette into a pumpkin is somewhat easier to do than other techniques.

Mike Wazowski Jack-O'-Lantern

Carving a Mike Wazowski jack-o’-lantern wouldn’t be too terribly difficult, especially with Disney’s downloadable template. It’s mainly carving rounded lines in the right place, along with a big moon for his eye.

Ariel Jack-O'-Lantern

Then, there’s everyone’s favorite mermaid. This Ariel jack-o’-lantern was created by carving characteristic outlines in the right place. Disney has templates for other Disney ladies, including Tinker Bell.

Jack Skellington Jack-O'-Lantern

The Jack Skellington jack-o’-lantern is the quintessential Disney Halloween decoration. Who better to greet trick-or-treaters than the Pumpkin King?

Lord of the Rings

One pumpkin to rule them all? If you’re clever, you can create evocative jack-o’-lanterns with minimal effort. These pumpkins range from fairly simple to time-intensive, but all of them are clearly about Lord of the Rings.

Bag End Jack-O'-Lantern

This delightful Bag End jack-o’-lantern, by the LOTR Project, doesn’t look very difficult to carve. However, any fan of The Hobbit would know exactly whose door this is. (Psst! Bilbo Baggins!)

Eye of Sauron Jack-O'-Lantern

This Eye of Sauron jack-o’-lantern, again by LOTR Project, is seriously creepy, and seriously impressive! If you can get the light just right, the molten center would be especially impressive.

One Ring Jack-o'-Lantern

You have to have a very steady hand and a great deal of patience to create this One Ring jack-o’-lantern by Instructables’ dominator24. (Real flame not required to make the words appear.)

Harry Potter

There are plenty of simple, iconic images you can carve that will instantly tell visitors you’re a Harry Potter fan. Of course, if you want to get crazy, there are designs for more artistic jack-o’-lanterns too.

Deathly Hallows Jack-O'-Lantern

This Deathly Hallows jack-o’-lantern by the LOTR Porject looks fairly simple to execute. If you don’t want to bother with shading, you could simply cut out the triangle, line and circle, leaving enough connecting pumpkin in between each shape.

Harry Potter Jack-O'-Lantern

Here’s another fairly simply Harry Potter jack-o’-lantern to carve. The hardest part to carve would be the round spectacles.

Next Level Harry Potter Jack-O'-Lantern

These Harry Potter jack-o’-lanterns by Brandi Korte are nothing short of amazing, and nothing I will be attempting any time soon!

Game of Thrones

Carving Game of Thrones jack-o’-lanterns may be a little trickier than the average geek carving.

Game of Thrones Jack-O'-Lantern

Deviant Artist JDGowing carved these gorgeous Game of Thrones jack-o’-lanterns of the Stark, Lannister, Baratheon Targaryen house crests.

If you aren’t that artistically inclined, you could also carve “Halloween is Coming” into a jack-o’-lantern in an appropriate font. They’ll get the idea.

Be sure to check out my Geek Jack-O’-Lanterns Pinterest board for more ideas.

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