Hey, folks! I wanted to publish a quick post for my regular readers who might be wondering what the heck is going on around here.

A Little Background

I started this entertainment blog in 2013, as a way to channel all the ideas and reviews I wanted to share with the world. I invited several talented writers to share their commentary and reviews, as well. The blog took off and we found a wonderful following of fans.

Since then, my skills in the online world have grown considerably. Managing and promoting Media Medusa allowed me to immerse myself in digital marketing and WordPress usage. It also opened my eyes to the possibilities of affiliate marketing.

Taking a Break

Last spring, I got really burned out. I felt like I was toiling away in darkness because, although the blog has seen success and continues to grow, it hasn’t had the success I had been hoping for. I wanted to grow beyond a fun hobby blog into a full-fledged business.

I spent the summer setting up an Etsy store. I created digital products to sell, like printable invitations and bingo cards. I wanted to play in the Etsy world because I wanted to learn something new, to see if I could crack the code.

I learned a lot about the workings of Etsy and how to make digital products. It’s something I’ll keep on the backburner to play with from time to time. Because, as most creative people know, sometimes stepping away from one project to work on something completely different can give you ideas and juice to continue with the original work.

Moving On

Now I’m focusing my time and efforts in two directions.

First, I’m establishing myself as an internet marketer. I want to help budget-conscious small business owners with online marketing that takes the overwhelm out of the process, but doesn’t break the bank. I’m putting together packages of my services to sell, with an eye at also offering workshops in the near future, both online and in person.

Second, I started Plus Size Nerd. Plus Size Nerd is a website where plus size women who love pop culture can easily find something fun to wear. I will also use it to promote body positivity. I’m also going to use Plus Size Nerd as a playground for new online marketing strategies I learn.

The Future

Media Medusa isn’t going anywhere, for now. This blog has hundreds of fans, on a daily basis, who find their way here to read reviews, lists, tips and tricks. You can still find your favorite blog posts and read them over and over. Perhaps, in the future, it will disappear. Or, I might decide to revive it and add more content. But, for now, it remains as an archive, more than an active blog.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. You can sign up to follow me on Plus Size Nerd or just shoot me an email at nancy@mediamedusa.com if you have any thoughts to share.

Warmest regards,
Nancy Basile