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Claire and Jamie on a beach in Outlander A New World.

Outlander: After 3 Years and 42 Hours, Here’s What I Know

The Outlander TV series is the best example of a TV adaptation to a book series in decades. (Maybe since Roots?) Diana Gabaldon’s story of a young, outlaw Highlander and a time-traveling, willful WWII nurse has captured the minds and hearts of millions of fans around the world. Disclosure: Some of the links in this post […]

Shadowhunters Cast

9 Thrilling Mystic TV Shows Like ‘Shadowhunters’

These nine TV shows like Shadowhunters might ease the pain of the show’s cancellation. Freeform recently announced that Shadowhunters will end with a two-hour series finale in the spring of 2019 that will wrap up the tale of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders that fans have loved over the past three seasons. Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate […]

Doctor Who

“Time Heist” Recap of ‘Doctor Who’

The episode was fantastic in a sort of Memento way, working backwards to reveal the reason for the heist. However, as a fan it was slightly predictable. Still, the clever writing prevailed throughout, and some of my favorite lines are merely in passing at the end of the episode in the Tardis. Next week, the Doctor […]

Catastrophe Ad

Your Guide to ‘Catastrophe,’ the Original Amazon Series

UPDATED: Catastrophe was the first series my Summer Binge-Watch Challenge group watched. We watched the entire series in June 2018. Here is the audio from the Facebook Live event we had after the month was over. I talk about what worked and what didn’t, what I liked and what I hated. You can also listen to this […]

Netflix screen

What to Watch on Netflix, Marvel Shows Ranked and More

Wondering what to watch on Netflix? You and the rest of the civilized world. Netflix has so many choices that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Plus, if you miss a show, can you buy it on DVD? What about those Marvel shows? Are they any good? This guide will answer these questions and more about […]


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