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7 Useful Alexa Skills for TV Fans

These seven useful Alexa skills for TV fans will help you find out what’s on TV tonight, what happened on the last episode of a TV show, and when the next episode of a TV series will air. Alexa TV Skills Here’s what you’ll see on this YouTube video or hear on this podcast. “Alexa, […]

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Brisket Recipe

On The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel brisket plays an important role. Brisket is one of Mrs. Maisel’s best dishes in Amazon’s original series. She uses her brisket as a bribe to get her husband, an aspiring comedian, good times slots at the Gas Light, their comedy club of choice. Busy? Pin this recipe for later Recently, my amazing […]

Picture shows: (l-r) Jenna Coleman as Clara, Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. Adrian Rogers, © BBC/BBC Worldwide 2014

Essential Episodes for ‘Doctor Who’

A friend asked me recently, knowing I’m a Whovian expert, for some essential Doctor Who episodes to introduce someone to the series without getting too deep into the massive story arcs. Here is the list I came up with and the rationale behind each suggestion, which are not necessarily in any order. Disclaimer: This blog […]

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10 Best Justice League Cartoons to Binge

Let’s take a look at the 10 best Justice League cartoons, from the iconic Young Justice series to the classic Justice League cartoons of previous decades. Justice League cartoons have been around since the ’60s. Believe it or not, Aquaman used to be all the rage. When he teamed up with his superhero friends, Justice League […]

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‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Review: What Needs to be Fixed

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is so close to living up to the hype that was set up by its sister shows, The Flash and Arrow. But a few key factors keep it from gelling. We’re seven episodes into the season, and it will most likely be renewed for next season. But for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to be a hit, […]