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Nancy Basile (Media Medusa) on the bridge to Hogwarts

Hey, Media Medusa, where have you been?

Hey, folks! I wanted to publish a quick post for my regular readers who might be wondering what the heck is going on around here. A Little Background I started this entertainment blog in 2013, as a way to channel all the ideas and reviews I wanted to share with the world. I invited several […]

Echo Dot Black on a Bookshelf

7 Useful Alexa Skills for TV Fans

These seven useful Alexa skills for TV fans will help you find out what’s on TV tonight, what happened on the last episode of a TV show, and when the next episode of a TV series will air. Alexa TV Skills Here’s what you’ll see on this YouTube video or hear on this podcast. “Alexa, […]

Jake Gyllenhaal in October Sky

10 Best Movies for Fall and the Return of the PSL

The ten best movies for fall on this list evoke the feeling of the season that brings us colored leaves, cooler air and the nectar of the gods called pumpkin spice lattes. (I mean, pumpkin spice is, like, everything now, right?) Busy? Pin this for later! Whether you’re snuggling with your S.O. or getting together with […]


10 Best Teen Movies About High School

The best teen movies about high school can take you right back to that time in your life. You feel those same butterflies in your stomach when your crush says “hi.” Maybe you also feel the same awkwardness. (And, am I the only one who I still dreams about a math test I didn’t study for?) […]

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Brisket Recipe

On The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel brisket plays an important role. Brisket is one of Mrs. Maisel’s best dishes in Amazon’s original series. She uses her brisket as a bribe to get her husband, an aspiring comedian, good times slots at the Gas Light, their comedy club of choice. Busy? Pin this recipe for later Recently, my amazing […]