Audible has made so many things in my life easier to do. It’s like my secret weapon in my never-ending struggling to get stuff done. In fact, I look forward to doing things I used to dread. Audible makes three time-sucking tasks a pleasure to do, and I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time anymore.

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Chores? Ugh.

See, my brain is always going 100 mph. I’m always thinking about the appointments on my calendar, what jobs need to be done, what errands need to be run and what I want to work on next in my business. So when I had to clean the house or cook dinner or run my kids around town, I always felt like I was just wasting my time. My brain would be on overdrive, thinking about all the things I wasn’t getting done while I did these brainless chores. (I love my kids, but my goodness, the mileage I put on my car!)

It didn’t help that I can’t stand cleaning or cooking. I’m no Martha Stewart. I’ve never seen the point to cleaning because as soon as I’m done, the house is dirty again. And cooking? I’d be happy with heat-and-eat food from Costco all day, every day. But I love my family. I clean the house so we don’t live in squalor. And I cook meals so we get the right nutrition. And I used to grumble the entire time.

A Christmas Miracle

Then, something magical happened. My mother gave me a year-long Audible membership for Christmas. It was like she handed me a magic wand that wiped away every complaint I had about doing chores. After that, not only did I get more cleaning and cooking done, I also looked forward to it. Being stuck in my car for endless drop-offs and pick-ups was no longer boring or unproductive. Again, I actually looked forward to getting more time to listen to my audiobook.

I had tried listening to music while I did chores or drove around town. But after a while, it all gets boring. I don’t care how many stations you get or songs you have queued. There was nothing to keep my interest or give me new ideas or help me work through a problem. Audible was exactly what I needed.

Sure, there are audibooks at the library, but those come with a lot of strings attached. For instance, I have to wait for the audiobook I want. Then, I have to turn it in after only two weeks, which isn’t enough time to listen to the whole thing. And forget about recent releases; my library doesn’t get the newest audiobooks until weeks after they’re released.

Keep ‘Em Coming

Even after my gift membership ran out, I was happy to pay for more from Audible. Signing up was super easy (I just used my Amazon login info) and they make it easy to find books I want. When I log in, I always see the latest releases from my favorite authors. And Audible suggests audiobooks to me that I usually end up loving.

On top of having a great selection of audiobooks, Audible has amazing customer service. See, there was an audiobook I had bought that I just couldn’t stand. But I was trying to push my way through it because, like I said, I had paid for it. Then one day, I saw on Audible’s site that I could return an audiobook if I didn’t like it. What?! I didn’t believe it. But guess what?

Audible Refund

Audible Refund

I returned the audiobook, even after I had listened to a couple of chapters. I got my credit back and got a different book. Seriously, they didn’t give me one hassle. What a great service!

Now, I tell all my friends that they should have an Audible membership. It’s so simple to use and it’s made so many chores in my life easier. Now my brain has something to keep it busy while the rest of me is sweating it out!

As if I haven’t said enough great things about Audible, there’s more. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial. And when you buy a membership? You get two free audibooks. Just click any of the links in this post to get started. You won’t regret it!