I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for years. But Amazon playlists are next level! I’ve found several of the best Amazon playlists that always fit my mood.

Let me back up just a smidge. Years and years ago, when Amazon was a quirky website that sold books almost exclusively (remember those days?) I decided to go Prime. I already did a lot of my shopping on Amazon. I went back through a year of orders and added up how much I had paid in shipping.

I was glad I did! The Prime fee turned out to be less than the total shipping costs of the previous year. And that was before movies, TV shows and certain books were included in Amazon Prime!

Back to Amazon Playlists

Just when I thought I knew all there was to know about this fantastic service — free books, free movies, free two-day shipping — I stumbled upon another perk: curated playlists.

I don’t know much about music. I like pop music’s top 40, sometimes even just top 20. I don’t read blogs or magazines to find out what’s coming down the pipeline or what’s cool. This year I barely knew any of the Grammy winners outside of the pop category. I like being told what to listen to.

So, Amazon playlists are perfect for me. They pick the best, most popular songs and pull them together in a playlist I can listen to through their music app.

All I had to do was visit Amazon’s Prim Music page, then browse through the playlists to find the one I wanted, in this case Best of Prime Music. I listened to the best of today’s music and I loved it.

You can also choose Amazon playlists for workouts, like Crossfit Workout; or playlists for social gatherings, like Pop for a Picnic; or playlists for your demographic, like Amazon Mom favorites (also a great one!); you can even choose a playlist to keep your young’un happy, like Good Morning, Tweens.

Once you find the playlist you want, you just click the blue button that says “+ Add Playlist to Library”. Then, that playlist will be available in your Amazon Music app the next time you load it up. They even have a Nature Sounds for Sleep playlist!

My Favorite Amazon Playlists

I couldn’t link directly to these because they’re in the music player, but if you go to the app or web player, just search for these Amazon playlist names.

  • Today’s Hits – the top songs from the radio
  • Cleaning the House – anything to make it more fun
  • ’90s One Hit Wonders – the songs of my youth
  • Cardio Dance Workout – again, gotta keep it fun
  • Kid-Friendly Pop – when I have my kids and their friends in the car
  • Scores for Work – I can’t focus when there’s lyrics and I love movie music
  • Star Wars Extravaganza – um, duh!

Echo Bonus

The tasty cherry on the top of this music sundae is the Amazon Echo Dot! I just got one and I don’t know how I lived without it before! I won’t go on and on about all of its features. I’ll just tell you about the music.

So, while I’m writing, I like instrumental music. Being a Media Medusa, movie and TV soundtracks are my writing music of choice. All I have to say is, “Alexa, play movie music” and voila! Music from The Dark Knight and Out of Africa and Harry Potter and Game of Thrones starts pouring out of the speaker.

And if I can’t quite place the song? I say, “Alexa, what song is this?” and she tells me all I need to know!

Why I Heart Amazon Prime

Don’t have the app? It’s easy enough to get for your Apple device or your Android device. Don’t have Amazon Prime? You’re crazy! That service pays for itself over and over.

Not only do I order groceries, gifts, refrigerator filters, clothes and just about everything else from Amazon, but I also get it delivered to my door in two days FREE. I don’t even have to leave my bed when, just as I’m drifting off to sleep, I remember I just used the last of the guinea pig bedding. I just grab my phone, shop on the Amazon app, and in two days I’ve got my bedding.

The benefits continue when I watch movies on my iPhone, my daughter’s iPad, our Xbox or smart TV. And now, I’ve even got an easy way to pull together the EXACT music I want to listen to, but didn’t know how to find.

Yeah, I know there are other music services out there, like Pandora and Rhapsody, and iTunes even has its own radio stations. But I love Amazon playlists. And the idea they’re putting together a collection of music for my tastes? Sweet.

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All About Amazon Prime Playlists

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