These seven useful Alexa skills for TV fans will help you find out what’s on TV tonight, what happened on the last episode of a TV show, and when the next episode of a TV series will air.

Alexa TV Skills

Here’s what you’ll see on this YouTube video or hear on this podcast.

“Alexa, ask Showtime what to watch”

“Alexa, ask FX about [name of FX show]”

“Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?” for IMDb and TV Guide

“Alexa, ask Syfy what happened on the latest episode of [name of Syfy show]?”

“Alexa, open anime advisor and suggest a good anime”

“Alexa, ask series guide about the next episode of ‘The Flash'”

Download a .PDF with these Alexa TV commands and other basic Alexa commands.

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