5 Secret Tricks For Getting More From Amazon Prime

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for years. When Amazon first introduced this service in 2005, I wasn’t sure if I should sign up. Two-day shipping sounded good, but would I overpay? I went over my previous year’s orders and quickly added up how much I had spent in shipping. Guess what? It was equal to the Amazon Prime membership cost. Of course, I signed up.

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Over the years, Amazon has added more and more benefits to being a member of Amazon Prime. I can watch dozens and dozens of movies and TV shows without paying anything extra. On top of that, I can borrow free books from the Kindle Lending Library. On top of thatI get free 2-day shipping on anything. And I mean anything.

If you want to see what it’s like to be an Amazon Prime member, Amazon has a 30-day free trial. Click any of these links to learn more. That way, you can check it out with no commitment and no hassles.

If you’re already a member of Amazon Prime, then I’ve got 5 secret tricks to help you save money and find deals.

#1 Find Deals Under $10, $5 and $1

One day, I was browsing Amazon for birthday gift ideas. The bar at the top of the screen said something like, “Amazing finds under $5.” I clicked it and — wow! — I found a lot of cool things that were less than $5. I would have never searched for any of them. I bought the gift and patted myself on the back for finding a cool, but inexpensive gift.

However, a couple of weeks later, that bar wasn’t at the top of the screen and I still wanted to see “amazing finds under $5.” Out of curiosity, I typed “deals under $5” in the search bar. Before I could finish, I saw this.

Amazon Deals Screenshot

Amazon Deals

I felt like I was Indiana Jones finding the Ark of the Covenant, and I didn’t even see a single snake. (Why did it have to be snakes?) I had stumbled onto a veritable gold mine of deals, some even less than $1! When I searched for deals under $5 today, I found this.

Amazon Deals Search Results

Amazon Deals Search Results

Jewelry? Sheet sets? Storage? Who knew, right? Amazon has a lot of deals that aren’t obvious. You have to go searching for them. And as you can see in that last picture, you can also get deals under $10 or under $1. Happy hunting!

#2 Ibotta

This secret trick isn’t on the Amazon website. Frankly, it may not be much of a secret. But it will save you money. It’s a free app called Ibotta.

Ibotta gives you money back for everyday purchases. First, you download Ibotta and sign up. Then, you browse their offers and select the ones you’re most likely to buy. You can get money back on specific items at stores like Target, Joann’s and major grocery stores, just to name a few. After you shop, you hit “Redeem” and take a picture of your receipt. Ibotta deposits the total rebate into your account. When you hit $20, Ibotta deposits the money into your Paypal or Venmo.

If you want to get money back from Amazon, follow these steps.

  1. Open Ibotta
  2. Tap the Amazon icon
  3. Tap the deal
  4. Tap “Shop” and Ibotta will take you to Amazon
  5. After you finish shopping, you’ll see a message that tells you when Ibotta will deposit your rebate into your account.
Amazon Shopping on ibotta

Amazon Shopping on Ibotta

(As of June 1, 2018, you could get a $20 Amazon gift card for using Ibotta to buy an Amazon Prime membership.)

I earned $20 from Ibotta in a matter of weeks, thanks to shopping at Amazon, Target, Etsy and Giant, my local grocery store. Cha ching!

#3 Amazon Wishlist

In the olden days, when I was a child, grandparents, aunts and uncles used to phone parents on the party line to find out what their precious child wanted for their birthday. (That was back in the days when you were tethered to a wall by a telephone cord. Ancient!)

Now, we have the ability to create Amazon Wishlists and share them with friends and family. Whenever you’re on a web page for an Amazon item you want, you can click the “Add to List,” then “Wishlist.” Then Grandma will know exactly what to get you.

Amazon Wish List

Add to Amazon Wish List

Plus, you can have more than one list. You can have a list for every member of the family. You can even have private lists, which is a great way to keep track of things you’re going to buy when you win the lottery. I’ve created a Santa wish list for my kids. I would put everything they wanted from Santa on the list. Then, I would share the list with my family. When they were finished making their purchases, I would make the list private, then buy whatever was left. That way, my kids got everything they wanted without “Santa” having to take out a second mortgage on his workshop.

You can also save money using an Amazon Wishlist, but you have to be very patient. When an item that you have on your Wishlist drops in price, Amazon will send you an email. Then, you can snap it up at a discount.

#4 Ask Alexa for Deals

For this trick, you have to have one of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices, like an Echo or Echo Dot. The day my husband gave me an Amazon Echo Dot was the day Alexa made my life ten times easier. I’ve already said a lot about Alexa, so I won’t do that here.

Instead, I will tell you about the one question you can ask Alexa that will save you money on Amazon. “Alexa, what are your deals?” Alexa will recite a list of current Amazon discount offers. Feel free to ask her frequently, because they change frequently. For instance, on Amazon Prime Day, you can specifically say, “Alexa, what are your Prime Day deals?” You can save money without ever touching your computer.

#5 Coupons

Yes, coupons. Amazon has coupons. But don’t sharpen your scissors because they’re not in any newspaper or flyer. They’re right on Amazon’s website.

When you visit Amazon, type “coupons” into the search bar. At the top of the search results, you’ll see links to pages of coupons, including “All Coupons.” Click that link to see, well, all of Amazon’s coupons.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon Coupons

You can save up to 35% per item. When you see a coupon you want, click “Clip Coupon” and Amazon will save it for you. Then, when you purchase that item, the discount will automatically be applied.

I know I sound like one of those women on Price Is Right when they spin the wheel, but I really love saving money on Amazon. You get the most bang for your buck when you’re an Amazon Prime member. Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days to see if it’s a fit for you.


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  1. OMG This is a great article! Now I’ll be up all night buying things under $5 on amazon. haha

    • Here’s another trick: If you see something you want to give someone (including yourself) but you’re not ready to spend $$$, put it in your cart and then choose “save in cart.” Then, it hangs out in your cart until you’re ready to buy it. 😉

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